WHAT'S NEW: We Now have Electricity at Earth Heart Park!
What's Next? A Nightime Show? Stay tuned for information.

Images from SACA, Horizon Health & Wellness, City of AJ 2017 Earth Day

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Why I'm a SACA Member

"Being a member of SACA allows me to show my creative side."

- Bob Wilcox

"I get to explore my fun and creativity, plus I enjoy all the great relationships and friendships I've been able to make as a SACA member."

- Laura Ingalls

"I joined SACA because, being a musician and professional performer, I believed this was great group to involved with and offering my time. There is nothing more enjoyable than hearing great comments after volunteering your time and effort. I encourage any artist or musician in the Superstition Mountains area to become a member of this group."

- Fred Obermeyer

About Us

SACA is the Superstition Art & Cultural Alliance.

Our Mailing Address: PO Box 2048 Apache Junction, AZ 85117

Phone: 480-292-0896

Our Services

SACA provides information, activities and events about local artists, artisans and musicians in the Superstition Mountains area of Arizona.

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