My Last Post

Fred’s last Post;

It has been a long but good journey with SACA for 2+years. I shall be leaving my post as the Sound & Stage Manager effective 7/16/2014. Here are some acomplisments and things i Have done for SACA.

  1.   Worked hard to get a Pro-sound System for SACA.
  2.    Worked out all the tests on the sound system.
  3.    Built a Add on CraigslistAZ  for Volunteer  Performers.
  4.    Through Oct.2016 – April 2017 i have found people and bands to come perform for    free. A Wide Variety of performers in AZ And out of State.
  5.    Have gotten new members for the Board of Directors.
  6.    Made suggestions to get the Park lighted at Night with electricity.
  7.    Had a new Board member come on and do a Car Show.
  8.    I have offered to build other types of events through SACA.
  9.    I have worked hard to keep our funds strong and build up our funds from                  volunteers when needed.
  10.    I asked SACA to Build a New WEB site and it is awesome.
  11.    The future is bright and New things will happen.
  12.    I would like to take the time to Thank Every one at SACA .
  13.    All the Events where i managed The Sound and Performers was a lot of fun.
  14.    Till i see you again remember this that Volunteers rule.