Important Message from Sharon Stinard

Hello Friends,

We at SACA want to welcome you back to our 2017-2018 season!  In case you will be in our area this year please consider joining us once again for our "First Saturday" Artisan Markets in Earth Heart Park.

Over the summer the Superstition Arts & Cultural Alliance has been working with the City of Apache Junction to resolve the matter of the $50 business license requirement to do business in AJ. This business license became a city requirement for all artisans as of January 2017 in addition to the $12 State of Arizona TPT license fee.

Happily the AJ City Council has made an adjustment to their city code to eliminate the $50 AJ Business License in the future for all vendors who participate in the Artisan Markets.

Instead, the City Council at their September meeting will adopt a $2 tax license to replace the $50 fee for market artisans.

Due to the legal requirement that the council publicize their actions for a defined period of time, the new city code change will take effect as of December 1, 2017. 

To make things less confusing, we have decided to begin our new season in December rather than run markets in October and November when the AJ $50 business license will still be in effect. 

Your 2017 AZ TPT license will be in effect for December.  The 2018 AZ TPT will be issued in January.  If your business currently has an AZ TPT license you should receive a renewal letter.

If you are applying for the first time you will find an attachment of basic application information.


During the months of October and November SACA and Horizon Heath & Wellness are sponsoring events in Earth Heart Park and you are cordially invited to attend.

Lights have now been added at Earth Heart Park that will provide the opportunity to host evening events.  On Saturday, October 7, at 6 p.m. you are invited to an evening of musical entertainment free to the public that will also provide the opportunity to highlight our area non-profit organizations.  (Our non-profit market vendors are welcome to set up a booth---just let me know if you are interested)

On Saturday, November 4, at  9 a.m. you are invited to a pancake breakfast that will feature the AJ Rocks organization that encourages adults and youth to leave decorated/inspirational rocks in each of our local parks  and around the community.

We are also looking at hosting an early evening event in December.  I will provide an update on this event for you as soon plans have been completed.

So, for now, if you would like to participate in our December through March Artisan Market season you can make arrangements to obtain your 2018 AZ TPT license and provide me with the TPT number on your 2017 license if you have one.

I will need the TPT number for both AZ and AJ for submission to the Apache Junction City Clerk before for our first market on December 2.  When you have the AZ TPT send the number to me by return email and I will develop a spreadsheet report for the city.  (Once we know how to obtain the AJ $2 tax license number I will need it as well)

I look forward to welcoming you back to Earth Heart Park in December for a new and exciting season!   (^_^)

See you Soon,